The Discover Your Niche Master Course

A five step proven framework to help you answer one of social media’s top questions: “What’s My Niche?”

So you have big online business dreams?

If I know one thing after helping 150+ entrepreneurs, it's that you’re tired of hearing the word niche.

(While seeing no major changes in your sales or follower count?)

But it’s because you’re looking for your niche in the wrong place. I have a unique philosophy: The answers to your niche are in your life story.

  • You want to stop feeling like you’re competing for attention on social media and going through cycles of content paralysis.
  • You know you finally need a helping hand to figure out this niching thing once and for all.
  • (Let’s be real, who wants to blend in with the crowd and be seen as an average Joe?)
  • You want someone to finally help you so that you can focus on the other 1001 things you have going on in your business and personal life.

I know how you’re feeling because I’ve been there!

…creating content consistently with only my family liking my posts and having friends confess over dinner they actually had no idea what my business was about.

I became honest with myself and made an effort to get back into alignment.

I hired a coach who was well equipped to help me discover my niche and build a solid business foundation. The universe knew what it was doing as the very ideas I had about my niche she shared in our first meeting.

That’s when it struck me…E ARE IN Y LI

The Answers to Your Niche Are In Your Existing Life Story

Discovering your niche isn’t about picking what’s trending or copying top influencers.

It’s about diving deep into your life story and answering key questions that point to what your niche or specialty should be on social media.

I’ve interviewed over 400+ professionals and I’m here to tell you, you’re in good hands. Let me ask you the questions.

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Some Amazing Side Effects:

Start Feeling Confident as An Expert on Social Media

In a sea of thousands of coaches, social sellers and digital entrepreneurs make yourself known as niche expert.

You have a story only you can tell. So let's own that!

Learn How To Build a Personal Brand That Includes Your Goods/Services

Your product doesn't define your personal brand. Your stories and life experiences do.

Learn how to extract a profitable niche from them.

Release The Content Paralysis

Have you ever wondered what type of content your audience wants?

This course solves that problem with an extra bonus module on market research.

Enroll today so you can focus on the other 1001 things you have to do in your business besides finding your niche!

The Discover Your Niche Master Course

I’ve broken down my secret 5 step process I use during my storytelling intensives so help you discover your niche.

The Discover Your Niche Master Course is made up of 5 modules including multiple juicy bonuses that will help you show up as your most authentic self on social media and never have to think twice about your content or bio again. 

Think of this as the key to building a sturdy foundation for your online business. 

My signature investigative framework allows you to study the clues in your life story and extract a niche you’ll love with my own personal step by step real life examples.


Visualizing Your Dream Client

You’ll tap into a rich brainstorming exercise to gain clarity on your target market and client avatar. I’ll walk you step by step in discovering who they are. 

By having a deep understanding of who your dream client is you’ll be able to create content that piques their interest and convinces them to buy from you.


Mirroring And Reflection

We get clear on our connection to our dream client but most of all focus on their struggles and frustrations.

By knowing your client’s problems in and out, you can create the perfect solution to help them. 

Too often entrepreneurs create a product or service hoping that people come to them when in reality people want to buy a solution to their problems, but also that too from someone who has been in their shoes!

Make yourself a no brainer to buy from.


Personal Transformation

Let’s get clear on how we shifted from the struggles we share with our client. 

This will allow you to feel in alignment so selling feels less stressful and instead more from a place of service.


Niche and Product Connection

In order to have a successful sales pitch we have to know how what we sell aligns with this transformation. Clients after all want an experience. Let’s clarify this connection.

By making it clear how your product or service assists with the transformation, your product will be a no brainer to your audience.


Unleashing The Magic

In this last but not least action step we apply everything we’ve learned into our niche title, mission statement and more!

We tap into a library of 60+ recommendations so you can appear as the #1 expert to your dream client.

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Endorsed by Top Experts in the Coaching and Direct Sales Industry

Here's How It All Breaks Down

  • 5 Modules Step By Step On Uncovering Your Niche
  • Digital Workbook
  • 30 Minute Bonus Coaching Call For Extra Support
  • Free Lifetime Access to FB Community

You can complain about niching all you want but unless you try an approach that’s aligned with your life story, you’ll be constantly feeling the comparison syndrome pop up.

Introducing the Discover Your Niche Master Course

Helping you extract a profitable niche from your life's experiences.

A year ago I felt stuck when I failed to sell my services as a newly certified life coach and still full time journalist.

After taking on a side freelancing gig on Upwork helping someone repurpose her past experiences for a dream career, I received my AHA moment.

I felt inspired to connect the dots in my life's story as well.

All the clues ended up pointing to my niche as storytelling coach.

Today within a year I've helped over 80+ entrepreneurs ranging from tech founders to direct sales entrepreneurs unlock their niche from their life's story using my signature Stories to Sales method.

- Dhara Singh, Founder Story By Dhara (@itsdharasingh)

The End Result of This Course?

  • You'll feel excited to start creating content again and build your brand
  • You'll step into your true expertise and ease out of the comparison syndrome
  • You'll rekindle your why and reignite your passion for sharing your goods and services
  • You'll have a clearer understanding of your target audience and their pain points
  • Most important of all you'll realize you have a unique story only you can tell

Hear What Former Clients Have to Say About This Method

Here are just a few A-ha moments you'll experience:

  • You'll realize you're just as interesting as some of the top Instagram experts
  • You'll understand that you can connect to your dream clients better than you previously thought
  • You'll realize that you can truly repurpose any life experience for the next and that no life experience truly goes wasted
  • Most of all you'll realize your clients are really lucky to work with someone like you

Niching is my jam because unlike other coaches I employ a journalism lens and connect the dots in your life story to find your answers.

I’m offering you these exclusive bonuses because i’m not here to ghost you but instead guide you to the next phases of your journey.

Consider me as a coach in your back pocket.


Bonus 1: 2 Hour Recorded IG Branding Masterclass with Top Social Media Influencer Jackie Richards

  • Watch live as we walk the first round of niche course participants through their most pressing niche questions. 
  • Study the live makeovers to know how to optimize your Instagram Bio.

Bonus 2: Exclusive Instagram Branding Library of 60+ Niche Titles and Mission Statements

  • Tired of the word coach or mentor? The wordsmith in me found 60 other titles you can use!
  • The same applies for I help statements! Let’s spice your bio up!

Bonus 3: Exclusive Content Market Research Module

  • You think I was going to leave you hanging after finding your niche? Absolutely not! I’m walking you through my content creation process for doing more with less!
  • Get in the mind of your dream client and be smarter with your content by knowing what exactly their problems are


Who is this course for?

This course is for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. In the past this method has helped life coaches, app founders, social sellers, and product based businesses narrow down their niche.

Does everyone need a niche?

There are a handful of entrepreneurs who excel without a niche, but if you find you've been stuck with content creation for a while and aren't attracting clients a niche may benefit you. It's important to understand what pain points your products/services are solving and for whom.

Is this course refundable?

Unfortunately there will be no refunds and like any other digital course results aren't guaranteed for every client. But we will have a free Facebook community where we can periodically answer any questions you have! You can also email

There will be several live calls to ask questions!

What's the next step after this course?

Depends on your business needs. If you need longer term support you can consider private coaching. To learn if it's a great mutual fit book a discovery call: